closet mission


It started a year or so ago when I picked up a copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up by Marie Kondo in hopes to declutter and create a capsule wardrobe. It worked for a while… until I got right back into the habit of buying too many clothes, many of which never left my closet. A few months ago I discovered Style Bee – a blog created by Lee Vosburgh. After reading through her closet mission I immediately got a pen and note pad and started the mission for myself. If you would like to learn more about all the steps check out the link above. You can follow along mine below:

How I feel when wearing a look I love:

  • confident
  • sophisticated
  • put-together
  • respectable
  • at ease
  • classic
  • stylish
  • slim
  • refined

How I feel when wearing a look I don’t love:

  • frumpy
  • fussy
  • uncomfortable
  • flashy
  • average

Write down all the things you don’t like to wear:

  • trendy patterns
  • bright colors
  • itchy fabrics
  • uncomfortable fabrics
  • clingy fabrics

Write down all the things you do like to wear:

  • ethically/ responsibly made
  • neutrals / earthy tones
  • mid waist jeans
  • stripes
  • linen tops
  • crew neck sweaters
  • timeless/ classic pieces
  • cozy but has structure
  • easy to wear
  • pieces from small businesses
  • layers

What activites do you do the most? How do you dress for them?

  • preschool teacher – casual / put together / no frills or fuss
  • weekend outings – elevated casual
  • cozy time – comfy lounge wear

How does the weather impact your style and main transportation: 

  • we get all four seasons in Washington. lots and lots of rain but hot in the summer
  • mostly car but outside for recess twice a day

List your top 10-20 most worn items: 

  • stripe tops, jeans, crew neck sweaters, Everlane tees, loose linen tops, sneakers, black boots, black loafers, pons sandals, big cozy sweaters

Go to outfits: 

  • crew neck sweater + Everlane tee underneath + jeans
  • tunic + sweater + jeans
  • jeans + loose linen top
  • usually add a scarf during fall/winter/spring
  • shoe depends on season

Write down all the key words and phrases that accurately apply to your style: 

  • classic
  • cozy but not frumpy
  • timeless
  • layering
  • put-together
  • simple
  • less is more
  • causal
  • at ease
  • muted colors
  • calm
  • effortless

My personal style is: classic, put-together, comfortable

List of items I want that would complete my wardrobe:

Spring wish list 2017: (starting in Feb.)
Elizabeth Suzann pants
– flowy blouse
– stripe t shirt

Summer wish list 2017: (starting in April)
Elizabeth Suzann Georgia dress in flax or black
– brown sandals
– stripe t shirt navy

Fall wish list 2017: (starting in August)
Babaa  cream cardigan
– wool cloud scarf from here
– structured gray scarf
– stripe long sleeve top
– refined hunter boots

The idea is to stick to these wish lists and not buy pieces just because you want something new or it’s on sale. I personally need to stick to my budget and always refer back to what I am looking for in clothing and what I want to stay away from. This is definitely a work in progress and won’t happen over night! However, I am so happy I decided to figure out my personal style to help me work towards a leaner wardrobe with pieces that I want to wear over and over again.

I will be coming up with a list of brands that I support soon.