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Three Days in Ballard

Happy May Day!

Jess and I spent the last few days in Ballard at a sweet little airbnb. This was actually our third time staying in Ballard! We went to some familiar places and tried a few new. One being Delancey– a pizza joint right across from The Fat hen. It was an hour and a half wait but our airbnb was so close that we were able to just come back when it was time. We sat at bar stools with a view of the pizzas being tossed and placed into the brick oven. Guys. It was so good. We ordered the white pie and pepperoni and finished both that night. I didn’t get any good pictures since it was lit by candle light but I guess that means you just have to go check it out!  The local neighbors are lucky to have such a lovely spot.

Our stay was super close to everything we wanted to do but we did venture down to the Seattle Repertory Theater. Jess got tickets for a musical called Here Lies love which is about the life of former first lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos. It was definitely a new experience for us as it was unlike any traditional musical. The stage was turned into a dance floor and the actors were moving amongst the audience. Our seats were up above but it was fun and neat to learn a little bit about where Jess’ family is from.

On Sunday we got up early to beat the crowds at The Fat Hen but it ended up being busy anyway so we waited across the street with coffee and a savory scone from Rossellini’s Bakery which is actually right next to Delancey– I told you everything was close. Eggs benedict is always, always, always worth the wait. I can no longer order it from other restaurants because they just don’t compare. We were happy little hens.




My heart was so so happy when I saw the super nintendo. With the good games too!


I want to get that art piece of the islands for my Granddad. This summer will be the 22nd year going to Lopez I believe!






Photos above are of a local Ballard shop called Prism where I picked up a new bottle of Lapis Oil and Jess found a couple new pins for her ever growing collection.


When I’ve already had enough coffee but I still want a hot drink I’ll usually go for peppermint tea and I’ve got Jess to love it just as much.




The homes in Ballard are old and full of so much charm. Spring is my favorite.







After breakfast on Sunday we headed down a few streets to get some mini donuts at the farmers market. The sun came out and it was one of those refreshing moments that I can’t quite explain but it was so nice. Honestly, I’m getting sick of all the tulips and daffodils but this old man had the sweetest little variety of blooms.

Well we are back now and enjoying one more lazy day before I go back to work on Wednesday.  If you ever find yourself making your way to Ballard, I highly recommend:

  • The Fat Hen
  • Delancey
  • Biscuit and Bean
  • Rossellini’s Bakery
  • Ballard farmers market
  • All the shops along Leary Way


I hope the rest of your week is swell!


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