coffee shops

Little Brother | Seasonal Neighborhood Restaurant

Little Brother is a branch off of the beloved Deru Market in Kirkland. “A pacific northwest farmer, fisher, and forager inspired neighborhood restaurant.” During the warmer months of the year they hold a tiny farmers market just outside with the most lovely flowers from Morning Song- a farm in Stanwood, Washington.

I wouldn’t call myself a “coffee snob” because those people are… a bit much. However, I do appreciate good coffee. Vanilla lattes are my favorite cozy drink when done right. They make their own syrup which leaves out that awful artificial taste.


My favorite kind of eatery is one where you can relax with a cup of coffee or go all out and enjoy a yummy meal. Something about that option gives off such a laid back feeling that allows you to stay for however long you desire.

What a cozy feeling it is to be in such a well lit space with windows from floor to ceiling while the heats on and it’s raining outside. It will be just as swell when the windows are left wide open, letting in a breeze.


I hope you’re having a lovely weekend! The sun is making the rain sparkle on the grass right now and it’s making me want to go for a walk.


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