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Spring Wish List

The other day it started snowing when I got to work in the morning and by mid afternoon the sun was peaking through the trees. The weather is a bit confused this time of year.

All these spring collections coming out are making me dream of that perfect 65 degree weather (that really only last about a month or two). I have to remember that spring here in Washington is not all that warm. Although if I recall correctly, last April it was like 80 degrees for a good two weeks. who knows. Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is that if I didn’t set a clear wish list I would end up buying all the pieces I’ve been eyeing.

I’ve been in the process of  going through the steps of Lee Vosburgh’s  spring closet prep to get everything all set for warmer weather. I will be going into more detail about my process in a later post.

I’m also doing the hanger challenge where you turn all your hangers the wrong way (facing you) and then turn them the normal way once you wear an item from your closet. By doing so you are able to see which items are worn the most. It’s a great way to get rid of those pieces that you can’t seem to part with even though they never leave your closet. I am guilty of this!


Spring Wish List:

  1. Stripe Tee – I just got this top in the mail this week. It’s a little more cropped than I was anticipating but it actually works out fine with my high-waist black jeans and I plan to layer it under that gray kimono jacket. It’s super soft and this company has a great mission. With every purchase of a tee they plant a tree in North America and they choose to sell responsibly made items.
  2. Dalen Crossbody  – I have to really love a purse to buy it. I’m not one of those girls with a purse for every occasion. I’ve been using the same one (other than canvas totes) for a year now. I think a rich brown or burgundy color would really complement the palette I’m going for and would work for all seasons. This particular one is a bit pricey– I’m still hunting for a cheaper option.
  3. Gray Kimono Jacket – I just got this jacket in the mail yesterday and it’s perfect. I’ve never had a coat like this but I always find myself wanting a light weight option in the spring / early fall.
  4. Georgia Tee – in flax linen. absolutely in love with this top. It’s so simple, so easy. I will be wearing it through every season.
  5. Black linen pants – I have been wanting these for years. They can be dressed down or up. I still like to wear black pants during spring/summer and these would be much more comfortable than tight skinny jeans. I’ve been leaning towards looser clothing that still has some structure. It’s much more flattering.
  6. I’m on the hunt for a raincoat. The one I do have is about 4 years old. It’s too tight and doesn’t go past my butt. I’ve always said that it’s okay to have several coats if you live in Washington because we have to wear one everyday for like 8-9 months out of the year, yet I only have two. This one would fit in perfectly with the rest of my spring/fall pieces but I’m still looking around. Ideally one that is cheaper.
  7. Dear Indigo Natural Dyed Scarf – in palest pink. I love love love soft cozy scarves and this one looks like a constant hug. This soft pink hue is the perfect shade to add a little color.

My wish list is a bit long but my birthday is in April and summer’s list is much shorter!

As with purses, it takes a lot for me to purchase a piece of jewelry. I wear the same two rings and bracelet everyday. I’ve been seeing a lot of these minimalist gold collections pop up and I’m sort of obsessed. I think it’s time I start exploring jewelry more. I would like to add one new piece each season. Still looking around but these four are my favorite so far.



  1. Necklace  | Laura Lombardi
  2. AK Studios Mandala Necklace | Glasswing Shop (local small business – Seattle)
  3. Little Hoops | Common Muse
  4. Simple Gold Cuff | Prism (local small business – Seattle)



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